In 2018, the former Hawaiian Gardens City Council voted to hire the old waste hauler in an attempt to decrease costs for all residents. The hauler that was chosen in 2018 had the lowest rates of all the waste haulers that bid for the City’s contract, but these rates were too low to sustain sufficient service. 

When the old hauler could not adequately fulfill the City’s need for service, the City Council allowed the old hauler to step down on November 20, 2019, with the agreement that our current hauler, Waste Resources, Inc (WRI) would step in to provide service at the old hauler’s rates. This was done with the knowledge that the old rates were lower than the cost to WRI to provide that service and WRI would seek to have the rates reconsidered for increase in the future.  By WRI taking over for the prior hauler in November of 2019, that also saved the City from at that time having to hurriedly enter a new contract with another trash hauler, which could have been much more expensive and resulted in delays in having trash picked up at the time.