How can I get more information on this issue?

Visit our Contact Us page to submit a form, give us a call, or send in an email with any question or concerns you may have. Questions may also be answered at upcoming events hosted by the City of Hawaiian Gardens and WRI: Virtual Community Forum on Thursday, September 9 Public Hearing on Tuesday, September

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Will I be able to present my thoughts about this to the City Council?

Yes, ratepayers will have an opportunity to ask questions and hear more information at a public Community Forum on Thursday, September 9.  You may also submit a written protest. Any record owner of a parcel upon which the Solid Waste Service Fees are proposed for imposition and any tenant directly liable for the payment

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Can the City just switch to a new hauler with lower prices?

The proposed rates reflect costs associated with hauling our City’s waste as well as the costs associated with accommodating the State of California’s new waste hauling requirements. Because of these costs, it is unlikely that there are haulers with lower prices and equivalent services.

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Would everyone be paying the same increased rate?

The rate structure for the Solid Waste Services Fees includes three customer classes – Commercial, Multi-Family Residential, and Industrial. The rates are determined based on the type of service provided, the size and type of container used for collection of waste, and the frequency of collection. Some residents will not see a rate change

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What is a “Prop 218” process?

In 1996, the California legislature passed the Voter Approval Required Before Local Tax Increases or Proposition 218. The proposition requires all local governments to refer any property-related fees for voter consideration. The City will host a community forum to educate the community further about the process and the City’s specific proposal as well as

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